Single Feature Saturday

There were three versions of Much Ado, but there’s only ONE Moulin Rouge.


Some folks aren’t too crazy about those movies where the characters break out into song, but you know what? I would break out into song, too, if I felt the love and passion that Christian and Satine felt for one another.


They’re doomed from the start. She’s a high class whore and he’s a penniless writer with too many romantic notions. She’s supposed to marry The Duke. He’s supposed to be finding himself.

They find each other, they need, they want, they love each other.

But none of that matters, because’s Satine is sick. And not the kind of sick you can bounce back from. Not to mention the fact that her fiance is planning on having her lover killed.


There’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s joy, passion, love, sweetness, comedy, and tragedy. And music from Nirvana, El Debarge, U2, Elton John…and so many others.

Check out THIS video. It’s a tango to die for.

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