I’m Not a Liar, I’m a General Manager

So. I have NOT been keeping to my promise that I made during my blog-o-rama in February. You know, the one where I said that I would be posting new content at least once a week.

I’m not being lazy, I promise.


I was just made General Manager of the wine shop where I work. It was a sudden decision and now my life is flipped and turned upside down. Yes, it means more money and benefits, but it also means more time spent not writing or creating. 

BUT at least when I work alone I have only myself to answer to and when I get my work-work done, I can get some edits and rewriting taken care of…

Well, if you have any extra good vibes or prayers or healing white light to spare, could you send them my way?

They will be very much appreciated.


Double Feature Saturday: The Great Gatsby

Welcome to the final Double Feature Saturday and the final post of my Love and Romance-o-rama! Thanks for sticking with me!

Now…In keeping with this week’s “theme” of how love can go wrong, soul mates or not, here, watch this:

Now, I haven’t seen the NEW version yet, but it IS a Baz Luhrmann piece, so I have no doubt I will enjoy THAT aspect.

In my opinion, the story is not Gatsby and Daisy’s tragic romance. It’s about the lengths that people will go to to get what they want, how these people change, how the things that people believe to be true…are just not. BUT the tragic romance is a Big Deal. I mean, it IS the reason Jay Gatsby sets up house where he does, how he does. It’s the reason for the ending.

But there is the ugly amongst the beauty and opulence…and sometimes that is way more interesting.

So that’s it! And although it’s technically no longer February, the way the month fell, how everything was all lined up, I thought it appropriate to end the blogathon with a final movie.

Also, I’m planning on making sure there is new content on this blog at least once a week, and since it is now March 1, I’m totally cheating and using this post for the first week’s content. The next big blogathon will take place in July for my birthday, so be thinking of some things you NEED to know about me.

Thanks for taking this little journey with me. I’ve had a lot of fun with these posts, and I hope you have too. Thanks to the new followers, thanks for all the likes, thanks for all the reads.

Keep romance alive!