It’s Blog-o-rama Time Again!

Happy July Eve! Or as it’s known in other places, June 30. The Zodiac sign of the Crab has has risen, it is time for the Cancerians take the spotlight! Or have a seat on the fringes, however you want to do it.

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It’s time to celebrate US, dear fellow crabs. Yes, I said US.  I’m a Cancer who was born on the cusp of Leo, on July 22. Some may argue that “the calendar” clearly states that July 22 is a Leo sign. I beg to differ. My entire Moon Goddess personality begs to differ. I am a proud Cancer with Leo tendencies, which means I am a nurturing homebody who sometimes needs all the attention!

I cannot be a Leo. I have a friend who is a strong Leo, and we are not good at sharing things. So she can have Leo. I’ll just take my moments as they come.

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Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancer is a great big softie on the inside, but has a tough exterior shell for self-protection.

Cancer Crabs are extremely loving and loyal, but they keep their feelings hidden to avoid getting hurt. Watch out, because a hurt Crab can really pinch! Cancer is the most nurturing zodiac sign, and loves to take care of family and friends. In fact, they are so fiercely loyal they will protect their loved ones at all costs. Sometimes Cancer holds on too tight, in fact, and can inadvertently smother loved ones with too much affection.

To avoid becoming crabby, all Cancer needs is someone in their life they can trust and share their feelings with.

Nurturing and protective, Cancer loves to take care of people and make everyone feel at home.

Sensitive Cancer can take things personally, overreact and get upset at the drop of a hat. Mood swings are no fun to be around!

Element: Water       Glyph:  ♋                         Color: Silver, grays and greens                               Ruling Planet: The Moon

Ruling House: 4th House of Home and Family                                              Tarot Card: The Chariot

So basically, I’m sensitive, stubborn, motherly, moody, and tough on the outside. And I rarely like to stray from home.

So yeah, not very Leo.

Over the next month you’ll be finding out things about me that you might or might not know, or even want to know. But the information will be there for you to peruse. You know, in case you catch me in a sensitive and moody moment and I overreact to something and you need to butter me up.

There will also be copies of my book, Physical Therapy, given away….maybe a few other things. I haven’t decided what to put in my birthday goody bags just yet.

Happy Birthday to all June babies! I hope you had a good birth month. If you’d like to keep the party going, June Cancers, please join us July babies as our birth month arrives!