Birthday Blog-o-rama Sunday: Favorite Birthday Meal

It used to be a tradition for my birthday that I would go out with my friends for a birthday meal. Sometimes the place would vary, but most often, I would go to a Mexican restaurant for my favorite Mexican dish, Cheese Enchiladas.

In college I was on the search for the perfect cheese enchilada. That search ended at Casa Bonita in Tulsa, during a trip for a theatre festival. Now, just because I found the perfect enchilada, that didn’t mean I was going to stop eating them anywhere else. There are two other places I enjoyed my favorite meal, especially on birthdays: La Luna in downtown OKC, and Chelino’s of Edmond or OKC.

(googled photo via

La Luna was a place where I started going when I was doing tech for an improv group, Everybody and Their Dog. Those summers were fun. I got to spend my birthday with awesome, funny people, teachers and friends alike, before doing something I really enjoyed. La Luna was the closest place for what I wanted. Situation right behind one of my homes away from home, Stage Center (RIP), there was easy access to food and celebratory adult beverages before the show. (Yes, adult beverages. BEFORE the show. Only ONE. Also, our jobs were easy.) The food was yummy, the strawberry margaritas were bomb, and the company was excellent.

Chelino’s is a place I’ve liked since I was younger. I tend to shy away from actually eating inside the restaurant, as my dad, and later on, my friends, would embarrass me and have me serenaded by the musicians. On one hand, yes, I like attention. On the other hand, not in front of strangers, and not while I’m eating. I used to embarrass rather easily, and I guess I still do, up to a point. So I usually get takeout from my local Chelino’s.

(googled image via urbanspoon)

I’m a girl of simple tastes. Just give me some cheese enchiladas–no onions–and I’m a happy camper for my birthday.

What about you? Do you have a favorite birthday meal? Share in the comments below.




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