Birthday Blog-o-rama Monday: I Got the Music In Me


  • 1:put your iPod on shuffle and tell me the first 10 songs
  • 1 Bad Romance, Lady Gaga      2 Settle Down, No Doubt     3 Radioactive, Imagine Dragons     4 The Edge pf Glory, Lady Gaga     5 Leather, Tori Amos     6 Toxic, Britney Spears             7 Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan   8 Black Dog, Led Zeppelin    9 Shimmer, Fuel     10 Light of Day, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • 2:favorite song? Absolutely one of the most difficult questions ever. I have lots of favorite songs. All-time favorite, current favorite, past favorite…It’s hard.   Angel Eyes by Jeff Healey Band is one that comes to mind that I absolutely love. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is another.  Porch Song  by Widespread Panic, The Old Apartment by BNL… Like I said, difficult question.
  • 3:favorite genre? Pop, Jam Band, Classic Rock, mid-late 90s stuff. Another hard question. 
  • 4:3 songs you would like to hear at a party:  Add It Up-Violent Femmes, If I Had $1,000,000-BNL, Get the Party Started-P!nk
  • 5:favorite bands/singers? BNL, WSP, Gaga, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, P!nk, Grateful Dead…


Music is very important in my writing. It influences just about everything I have written in the last ten years or so. My tastes vary. I don’t listen to much classical music, but I don’t hate it. I don’t like instrumental jazz, because the beautiful chaos of it hurts my soul. I’m not the biggest country fan, but I love old school country, like everything up to and including Reba and Garth & et al. I don’t listen to much heavy metal; it puts me to sleep. Literally. Pop these days is mostly a monstrous mess, but I will admit that I am quite taken by one or two songs by One Direction.

I’m all over the place. Just like my mind.

What about you? Do you stick with one genre? Are you all over the charts like me?

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