Birthday Blog-o-rama Tuesday: Gift Wishlist

So I was going to do these posts on Tuesdays about presents that I have received over the years, but so far the only things I can remember are the Pink Huffy Bike and the She-Ra dolls I received (and pitched a mini fit over because I already had one of them).

I’m going to be 37 in a couple of weeks, but foraging through my memories, I’m not finding anything…well, memorable. Not that I remember birthdays by what gifts I received. I remember how I spent my 19th, my 21st, my 25th, and it’s not gifts that I recall, but the people who were with me, and how I felt celebrating with them.

The title of this post is Gift Wishlist, but it’s not a list of all the nonsense I come across and just say “Oh my gosh, I would love that!” It’s more of a reminder of things that I need, things I am planning to buy for myself, just as soon as I have saved up enough money to do so.

Pay off hospital bills.

Buy a new bed because this one is over 20 years old and there is a me-sized sink hole in the center about to fall through to Middle Earth. 

Get a new tv for the living room because my ginormous one is old and about to die.

Get a new pair of sneakers b/c my current ones keep sighing.

Get a new laptop because Lorde killed my last one.

Get a shelf for the living room because I’m using cardboard boxes from work for storage.

Get a massage, because it’s been about ten years since my first and only. 


There really isn’t very much I want in the world, but there are a few things that I need and will be getting fairly soon-ish. The bed is next. Can’t wait to sleep on a flat surface again!



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