Birthday Blog-o-rama Thursday: TBT #2

When I turned 19, I was in my new apartment, with my new roommate, and new college friends. I had just moved out of my parents’ house to be closer to school and have a little freedom.

So you’d think that I’d have a rager or something, right?

Nope. Firstly, it took forever for me and my little group to figure out what to do. Not everyone had money, not everyone wanted to blah blah blah, and I was wishy washy, because this was the first time ever I had a chance to do whatever I wanted for my day.

We went to see a movie, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, at the dollar movie, and nearly got thrown out because of a boisterous reaction to something in the movie.

Then we piled into my 1979 Ford Granada and headed to Crystal’s Pizza. Now, getting there was an adventure itself. I wasn’t familiar with driving around the city, and got lost in my own town. Not to mention that it was raining. And hot outside. And the a/c in my car only blasted noxious fumes that gave us a collective headache (sorry again, Jon Jon). AND the doors wouldn’t stay shut. Boy, you should have seen me making turns. The door would fly open, and folks would scream.

So we get to Crystal’s and have some pizza and play some skee ball and video games and just have a good time. College kids acting like actual kids.  I don’t remember too much of that day, only that I had a great time and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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