Birthday Blog-o-rama Saturday: Let’s Bowl!

One of my most favorite birthday outings was bowling. I remember setting up…what, two? yeah, two bowling parties. The first one was ridiculous and grand. Cheap bowling until late after Shakespeare in the Park let out (that’s where all my friends were). I think that was my 22nd. There were a ton of people, and all of them were there for me. It was loud and awesome. I bought myself a big sheet cake with that creamy frosting. What is it? Is it butter cream? It was blue and had planets. It was fantastic. I got it from the grocery store where I worked at the time.

Another time was maybe 26, maybe 27. I’m not really sure. Things were kind of foggy in my 20s. A lot of stuff happened. I used to be really good at cataloging events, phone numbers, birthdates, etc, but my mind isn’t what it used to be, which is ironic when I think about it.

Anyway, this was much more adult, much more quiet. Ish. My people were still loud and silly, but the group was smaller, and the crappy beer way more expensive.

But damned if those bowling birthdays weren’t fun as hell.



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