Birthday Blog-o-rama Sunday: Favorite Birthday Drinks

Even though I work in a wine shop, I’m not much of a drinker. I would drink at parties in college, and occasionally have something at dinner, but rarely would I sit down with a glass of wine/beer/cocktail just for the heck of it. If I went out to the club, I’d have a few drinks. If I went to a party, I’d have a few drinks. If I HAD a party, I would have ALL the drinks. I eventually calmed down, and saved my drinks for special occasions.

Like my birthday.

(Like you didn’t know that was coming.)

(googled photo via BeatNik Productions)


Some birthdays I spent with my friends at one of the local gay clubs, The Copa, 

which is conveniently located in the Habana Inn, in OKC (Tuesday nights are the infamous underwear contest, where a lot of straight boys would come to win their bar tab). I would dance my face off, sometimes getting so vigorous I would give myself whiplash, and have a few of these:

(googled image via

This is called a Windex. As far as I know, it’s vodka, blue curacao, a splash of citrus, and maybe some triple sec. This drink was potent and delicious. I would get it every time I went, because those thickly-muscled, half-naked bartenders could make a damn drink.


Another of my favorite drinks is one I can’t find a picture of. It existed only in one restaurant that has now been closed for…hell, forever now. Leslie’s Painted Desert was the hub of the theatre crowd, especially at night after all the shows let out. We would convene for the best crab and cheese dip and a drink called Painted Desert. In hindsight, I realize now that it was just a very colorful Long Island, but holy hell, it tasted amazing. It did not taste like liquor at all, which is why it was easy to tip back a few before calming down to the two-for-a-buck drafts.

Both of these drinks give me fond memories of birthdays and unbirthdays, of times long ago, sometimes best forgotten, others at the forefront.

Who here has a favorite b-day drink they HAVE to have? Hit the comments!

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