Birthday Blog-o-rama Wednesday: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

My subconscious mind is a dangerous weird place.

My dreams lately have been movie quality.

For the most part, I remember a lot of my dreams and I will tweet them because they are entertaining. Some, especially lately, I’ve kept to myself. Some are more disturbing than others. But some are definitely movie quality.

I made a list on a Post-It note but I seem to have lost said Post-It, so I’ll just stick to the ones I can remember at the moment.

I’ve been dreaming of my friends lately, which is something that doesn’t ordinarily happen, but I think I’m just missing them a lot these days. But I dreamed that I was at my friends J & B’s place, hanging out and helping B with a project that I thought J knew about and was ok with. B was trying to find a cutesy way to propose to Martin Freeman.

Yes. THAT Martin Freeman.

I figured out a cutesy proposal and posted it to Instagram. Then we waited for Martin to show up. When he does, he sees the proposal and gets all teary and of course, says yes. He and B then go celebrate in J & B’s bedroom by having lots of gay sex.

J, who didn’t know about this project, didn’t know about this idea at all, was mad. She wasn’t mad about all the gay sex her husband was having in her marriage bed. Nope. She was mad because her husband didn’t consult her about being a Sister Wife.

I have no idea where that dream came from. No clue.

I had an entire episode of the tv show Shameless happen in a dream. I had custody of, or was babysitting, the youngest Gallagher kid, Liam, and in my dream he was white, and Fiona was pissed at me and kept glaring at me. We were in a weird house, and you know, I don’t remember much, but I remember bringing in pizza for dinner, and they were still pissed. Maybe I was standing in as their older half sister Sammi?


I have a couple of drug-related dreams that I remember…sort of. The newest one was really strange. I’m not sure exactly where I was, perhaps my apartment complex? A mall? I don’t know. I remember I was with this girl, one of my subconscious’ original characters, I guess. She was kind of snotty, thought she was better than everyone else, but this guy, this ice maker at the bar in the complex, had a huge crush on her. But of course, she looked down on him. “He’s just an ice maker in a bar.” And she wouldn’t talk to him because we were on our way to a party.

This was a party where we were given some new entertainment drug. In this dream, we’d heard that people had been severely damaged by this drug or even killed. Well, long story short, because of my storied career with the illegal substances, I came out relatively unscathed, just always feeling like I’m trying to come down. Unfortunately, my nameless friend didn’t come out so well. She ended up very mentally deficient, a very different person from the beginning of the dream. This time, when we went to the bar, and saw the ice maker (who had really upped his game by creating objects that made ice in different colors, shapes, and sizes), she was enraptured and thought he was the greatest ever.

Another druggie dream I had was well over a decade ago. A bunch of us from the theatre dept were involved in making this movie called Rave that never actually made it out of the gate. Or got finished. I just remember having a dream where I was at this huge house party and one of my friends, the Rev, was giving out LSD and it was called “Rhetoric.” At the time, that was probably THE strangest dream I’d had.

Oh. I just remembered another recent one. It involved someone stealing my identity and taking all my friends. And they ended up liking her better. Yeah, that’s not depressing.


How about you? Any strange things in your subconscious? Sound off in the comments!

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