Birthday Blog-o-rama Thursday: TBT–Becoming Legal

My 21st birthday started out kinda fun. My best friend Amber took me out for my first legal drinks that afternoon. We had a nice little time before she and I both had to get to work that evening.

I had to run off to Richard III rehearsal at the park that night. To my surprise, the director had brought me a cake! That was really cool of her. And it was delicious, from what I remember.

So we sat in the sweltering July heat for a few hours, while I got excited about hitting the bar with all the “cool kids.” Well, by the time rehearsal was over, everyone I’d invited out had bailed on me. Now, me being a very emotional, very hormonal kid, I was so upset. The term “Tortured Soul” was bandied about at the Park and a lot of the time it could be applied to me. As it did now.

So after the rehearsal ended, I was sitting in the grass, alone, bawling, when a girl named Jennifer, who was not in the play, came to pick up her friends, LaLa and Googee. When she got the story out of me, she packed me up, along with the other two, and headed to the Red Rooster. It had become a hangout of sorts for the theatre crowd. Now, La and Goo being underage at the time, weren’t allowed inside the bar, so we hung out on the patio. Jennifer bought me a Shiner Bock, and we just sat and talked for a little while.

And then some dude came up to Jennifer and told her how beautiful she was and bought her a few beers. Being the emotional and hormonal child that I was, I got upset. But I didn’t show it. I waited until I got home to fall apart and complain that it was MY birthday and that the drinks should be bought for ME.

Yeah, I kinda don’t think that anymore, because A) I don’t drink that much anymore and B) the last time anyone bought me birthday drinks they bought me something they knew would purposely hurt me. (Jager & 151, courtesy of Derek and Nikola. Thanks, dudes. Bigger ups to Jason S for whatever it was that followed, b/c it tasted of angel’s tears. That was #24, I think.)

Also, C) I don’t believe in general birthday drinks. I think people be taken care of on their 21st birthday. Drink til they puke, if they want. All drinks bought for them. But after that, one, maybe two. Otherwise, take care of yo’self.

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