Birthday Blog-o-rama Saturday: Let’s Go Out to the Movies (actually, let’s don’t)

I believe the last time I went to the movies (besides for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary) was on my birthday when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 was out.

I went in the afternoon, by myself…1-because I didn’t think anyone would want to go with me & 2-because I’m a huge fan of getting there early and being picky about my seat. I like to sit all the way up top and in the exact middle. With a giant bag of extra buttery popcorn and snacks that I’ve snuck in via my giant purse.

So I get to the theater about 40 minutes early. I get my snacks, my drinks, I get my seat. I’m set.

Until about 15 minutes into the movie, when some lady and her giant family come in and intrude directly onto my space, forcing me to move to be sat upon.

I was so mad I could barely enjoy the movie. I got there extremely early so that I had my choice of seats, and this group tromped in, late as can be, and encroached upon my space. There were tons of other seats available in the theater…

But I’m not going to get to deeply into that. I get violently angry when I think about it. Just suffice it to say, that was the last movie I saw in an actual theater…it will probably remain that way for a very long time.


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