Birthday Blog-o-rama Wednesday: My So-Called [Mid] Life [Crisis]

So you know how people talk about having a mid-life crisis? How the cliche for men is to get a sports car or girlfriend (or boyfriend)  that is too damn young for them, and women just get old and broken down and sad?

I’m not having any of that. (That’s a lie. I woke up yesterday morning with puffy eyes and an unwillingness to get out of bed. That was Mother Nature’s birthday present to me. Yeah, thanks.)

No, my Mid-Life Crisis is very different.

I find I’m becoming an adult.

At 37, I am finally becoming an adult. I’m learning better ways to handle my money, I’m paying off bills, I’m taking on more adult types of responsibility, I’m buying better food for myself, I have insurance, I’m not spending money on crazy things…

Dudes, I actually was able to save money to spend on fixing my CAR. I’m not sure if you know how big of a deal that is to me. I’ve lived in terror for years, worried that the car is going to just fall apart on me if I went anywhere but work and the grocery store. Well, I don’t really go anywhere but work and the grocery store anyway, but I bet I could if I had time to do so.

Which is the flip side of that whole coin. Since I have taken on more adult responsibilities at work and am so involved in the writing process (stop laughing), I have less time and desire to do things outside of my home. I’m exhausted, I’m stressed. A good many of my needs are still not being met. But I am doing my best to survive. That just means I have to sacrifice a lot more than I used to. And I have already sacrificed a hell of a lot.

But that’s part of adulting, right?

But to balance all of that out, make sure it’s not happening too fast, I’m still raiding the toy machines at the grocery store, eating chocolate for dinner…all sorts of things the kids do these days.


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