Birthday Blog-o-rama Sunday: Shakespeare in the Park

One of my favorite summer things to do was to attend Shakespeare in the Park. Being a theatre kid, I knew just about everyone on stage. And I kept coming back to the same productions over and over. And then I got a volunteer gig. And a stage managing gig. I was caught.

But when I wasn’t working, I would just go and toss down a blanket and lay on the incline of the “bowl.” Back then, when OSP was actually IN my local park, the summers weren’t COMPLETELY horrible, and there was a breeze. It was a nice thing to lie down and look up at the stars, completely relaxed, and listen to familiar voices create a story for me.

I’ve had to retire from outdoor duty, and I’ve basically retired from all theatre work as a whole, so I’ve not been to OSP lately. There have been so many changes, I think that not only would there be few familiar faces, I’m not at all sure I would be welcomed.

But since summer and outside and retired…well, I’m kind of ok with that.

But I really, really miss just soaking up the “safe” nature, with my people, mostly stress-free, learning, letting the Shakespeare settle into my bones.


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