Birthday Blog-o-Rama Tuesday: The Giver, Star Wars Edition

In the year 2000 I had a roommate who loved Yoda, had a shrine to Yoda. I think I’ve mentioned her before. I’m just not remembering if this was featured in a blog post earlier this month, and I’m way too lazy to go looking for it, because I don’t tag stuff properly and I’m exhausted from my three-day staycation. (Ugh, don’t even ask. Ugh.)

Anyway, this particular year, instead of having a birthday party for her, we were going to a party elsewhere. I’m pretty sure it was a theme party, just not sure what the theme was. Possibly a “retro” party. Not sure.

I saw this talking Yoda doll and HAD to get it. HAD TO. And then I got this brilliant idea to do a scavenger hunt at the party. In my head it worked out better than it did. For one thing, my roomie’s bf showed up with some “treats” that put us off our heads. But thankfully, I was on mission. Unfortunately, everyone else I was planning to involve in this mission was way. sted. So I had to follow roomie all over the party, give clues to certain people and make sure she got them.

She was so confused about what was happening, and eventually made it upstairs to where Master Yoda was waiting. Watching her trying to get the box open was hilarious. She still had no idea what was happening. I’m not sure if she does to this day.

I had a good time, though. I think that might have been the best gift/gift -giving idea I’ve ever had.

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