Birthday Blog-o-rama Thursday: Now What?

The end has come. July is pretty much over, and the Leos have taken over.

So now what? you ask?

Well, I’m going to continue working on all of my current WIPs, put together another blog and another book, I’m going to try to pass the time until Fall TV premieres show up…And I’m doing a scavenger hunt.

And I’m terrified.

It’s called GISHWHES, or


and it was started by this beautiful asshole

It might be hard to tell, but that is the face of pure evil and mayhem. He’s so charismatic he could be mistaken for a cult member.

Wait. I think he IS a cult leader.

Well, anyway, GISHWHES is apparently this week-long scavenger hunt where you do crazy things and perform crazy acts to be caught on film for a chance to win a trip to hang out with the Dark Overlord. This year the trip is to Croatia.

Firstly, I don’t have a passport, I’m afraid of heights…I’m not winning. I know that already. But I’m doing this because I WANT to, and because his highness hypnotized me with his pretty blue eyes and smile, the bastard.

Apparently there were 157 or so items on last year’s list.



………………..Excuse me.

Anyway, I’ve wrangled a few of my buddies into doing this with me, just for fun, for Misha, and for charity.

We’ll see how charitable I feel at the end of the week. Wish me luck!


Registration for this year’s hunt is closed, but to check things out for next year, visit GISHWHES.

To check out the charity, visit Random Acts.


Thanks for coming along on the Birthday Blog-o-rama! See you soon!

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