Product Tests #1 & #2: Nivea & Biofreeze


Hidey ho, friends!

So yeah, I’m slow at posting. I know an active blog posts weekly, if not daily. But Life gets in my way at every turn. ACTUALLY, it’s Work getting in my way. Not that I mind TOO much, because YAY, JOB! but still. It would be nice to be able to stop stressing EVERY second of the day.

But I’m Me. So that’s not going to happen. But I’ve found a few minutes on this lazy Tuesday to drop some words down about two products I “recently” received samples for that you guys might enjoy.

The first is the Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion.

I have aggressively dry skin, so when I saw that this product existed, I was so so happy. I found the offer for a sample on one of the many websites I was signing up for to make money. It was easy. You can grab a sample for yourself HERE.

I got the “Very Dry Skin” version of the product.  The smell of the stuff itself wasn’t anything to write home about. It smelled like unscented lotion on steroids. And guess what? That is my only complaint about the product. No, really. I mean, the sample could have been a wee bit bigger so I could have covered my whole body. And I loved that there was a coupon enclosed, but I want those coupons to show up more frequently, because for a lotion, this stuff is a little expensive when you’re on a budget.


In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion 24hr+ MoistureAfter you soap down and rinse off, you apply to everywhere but your face and feet and then pretty much immediately wash it off, being careful not to slide around in the tub.

Aside from drying my hands out a little bit, this stuff actually worked. It There was no scratching, no itching, no redness. It was nice to not have ashy, gross legs for once. And I didn’t feel goopy, like I’d applied lotion post-shower.

And since they were kind enough to enclose a coupon with my sample, I went ahead and purchased a regular-sized bottle for myself. I stuck with the “Very Dry Skin” formula for this purchase. The 13.5 oz bottle stuck around for 3-4 weeks. I used it every time I showered. My skin never felt like silk, like so many lotions promise, but the skin felt a little more hydrated.

And then I learned there was a Cocoa Butter version. I jumped on that one. I think I’m on my second bottle of that one. I’m going to have to pick up another bottle when I do my bi-monthly shopping tomorrow.

(YMMV, but I’m tall and have a lot of [dry] skin, so I need to use a bit more than the average bear, I think.)

I give this product 5 stars.



The second sample I received and used was a tiny little packet of Biofreeze.

201120logo4oz20gel20tube20web2This stuff is the shiz.

Normally I use Arnicare Arnica Gel to ease the pain in my constantly aching back. It works like a charm.

But then the Biofreeze arrived.

Holy cow. So much less pain, so quickly. It was really nice, if a bit menthol-y. But hey, sometimes that’s how you know it works.

I’ve got chronic lower back pain, and giant knots in my shoulder blades. The sample was just enough to use on my lower back. It didn’t burn, but it cooled a little, and in seconds, the pain seemed to have abated.

Now, this one I’ve not gone back for, primarily because I think you have to get it from a professional. Don’t quote me on that, I’m not too sure. But one online store states that the price is $13.99 for a tiny little tube.

Depending on your pain, it might just be worth it.



Hopefully my next post will happen sooner rather than later. I’m planning on jotting down some thoughts on some survey sites.




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