Livin’ the LUSH Life

Y’all, I am exhausted. I have been so busy trying to make extra money and try new things to review  and signing up for all the sites in the land.

Like, seriously. You should see my inbox. I’m still trying to set up filters. I’m swimming in surveys and paid emails and offers.

But this blog post isn’t about all of that.

This one is about the goodies I’ve gotten from LUSH.

I was introduced to the lovely world of LUSH by a co-worker after I complained about my combination oily/dry/itchy/flaky face skin. “Try the Coalface Cleanser,” she said. “That’s good for just about anything.”*

(*I don’t remember the actual conversation, but that’s the jist.)


I looked at the site. Looked at the price. And walked away.

But then, she told me about the samples.

They are the nicest people in the land. If you order or go into their store, they pretty much will give you whatever they can slice or plop into one of their teeny little black sample cups.

So my co-worker says. I don’t leave my area very much, so I haven’t been to the “local” LUSH store. BUT I did get some samples when I put in an order recently.

I’ve been abusing my poor feet. Not taking proper care of them, injuring myself, standing on them all damn day. I decided they needed a treat. So I ordered myself

Twinkle Toessome  Twinkle Toes Dusting Powder.

Not even gonna lie, my feet sweat, and my shoes are funktastic. I’ve tried the Dr. Scholl’s sprays, the powders, but those are…well, not for me.

But this stuff? It GLITTERS. And smells nice. Rose and Geranium powder, the site says. Well, whatever it is, I like it. My feet LOVE it. Just a sprinkle in the shoes after I rid myself of them for the day, and a dusting on the soles before I start my day.

I’m twitching my toes right now. They do not feel gross. It’s really nice.

You know what else is really nice? This stuff:


Foot Soak And Fancy FreeFoot Soak and Fancy Free

My poor little feet were swollen one day, from the all-day standathon that is my job. So I went home one day, busted this guy into four pieces, and dropped one quarter in some warm water, and sat the hell down for half an hour.

This was amazing. My feet were soft, clean, not swollen, and more importantly, [temporarily] pain free. It was a little fizzy, a little girly…but it was definitely a “Calgon, take me away” kind of moment for me.

And those were just the two things that I bought and paid for. I also received four samples. One was a tiny sliver of the Coalface Cleanser that I’ve been using ever since. Dudes, that stuff lasts forever. And it got my face squeaky clean. It literally squeaked. And it’s evened me out a bit, as well. It’s fantastic. I’m eventually going to break down and buy and entire bar.

The second, which was gone in a flash, was the Beautiful shower gel. It was peachy and creamy, just like the description. Usually new shower gels that aren’t my St. Ives Oatmeal or my Dove Cucumber Melon dry out my skin and make me itch. This actually didn’t. It smelled awesome, too.

My cuticles are rough and sad and painful. Hangnails and whatnot. I’ve been trying to tame them, keep them soft and the opposite of sad and painful, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for. I used a combination of the apricot-scented Sally Hansen cuticle cream and the Lush Ultra Balm the other day.  I made my cuticles angry with that combination, I think. They were dry and ragged and red. I was so upset. Now, the Ultra Balm is kind of a universal tool. Use it to calm that ONE PIECE of hair that won’t stay down, or that one patch of dry skin that won’t stop itching. I haven’t used it for any of those things yet. I still have some left, so I will try it elsewhere, but definitely not on my cuticles.

However, I do believe I will use the Sympathy for the Skin to soothe those savage cuticles. This stuff smells like vanilla cream. There are other, more subtle scents, but the vanilla is what hits me first. I’m not a fan of the cloying, overly sweet vanilla scents, but this is a very straightforward kind of vanilla. It’s calmed down with a little banana and some lemon and sandalwood, so it isn’t just vanilla.

Next order, I’m getting some body butter and some Coalface. Not sure what else, but there’s plenty to choose from. And the folks working the LUSH phones are super nice and accommodating. They’ve got a customer for life.