The Journey I Didn’t Sign Up For (TBT even though it’s Friday)


That up there is my first video from this channel. I recorded it over 2 years ago, when I experienced my second ever manic episode…that I can remember…due to medication.

This time was Azithromycin, aka Z-Pak. I don’t remember the other. It might have been the same. My brain has done a massive info purge and yet still feels full. Like a ghost town.

This is the beginning of my journey that I didn’t sign up for. Trouble is, no one signs up. It just happens and you have to deal with it. That’s what’s happening with me. I’ve been dealing with all of these separate symptoms that it took me well over two years to figure out they were all due to the same thing(s).

I’m actually hoping that with these posts that SOMEONE stumbles along the tags into my blog and that I can somehow help them figure it out faster.

If you want to watch the short playlist of videos I’ve made in two years, you can do that HERE.

Thank You, Namaste, and Good Luck.


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