When The Fog Rolls In…The Terror Begins #TBT

I can’t bear to go back and watch this mess again. I remember just being absolutely out of it and rambling. There’s a seed or two here and there, I’m sure, that will pop up again, but I just recently had the realization that this nonsensical babbling is a symptom of the actual problem, which I only figured out this spring/summer.

This was how I spent a good chunk of my days: out of it, tripping over my tongue, brain just unable to give me the information I needed. I did a really horrible job being a manager. By doing nothing, I passed the torch, thereby causing a whole passel of trouble. But I really had no idea what was going on. I just thought I was really, really depressed for some reason, and maybe just needed my meds adjusted. Well, I was, and I did. But that wasn’t all.