My Last Nerve

Sciatica is the name of today’s game. I went to my favorite Urgent Care yesterday with a vague idea of having a UTI (b/c the idea was planted in my head), but it actually wasn’t a UTI. I’m extremely dehydrated. And my back is killing me. Yesterday it was at a 6, but it’s been at a 12 all day today, making it extremely difficult to move. I can’t stretch, I can’t bend or arch.

And of course, it’s all my fault. I haven’t had enough water, or things to replenish my electrolytes, and I went out in the heat the other day and sweat in weird places and lost all my water while looking through my storage closet. And I guess the moving of the boxes in that storage closet are actually what caused my sciatica to freak out.

So all of that is basically inflammatory to my whole body, which is causing what we believe to be Colitis to freak out as well. So my back and my gut and general being are being attacked.

I’m so so tired, but Nugget wants to go out…I’m thinking that our last tiny car trip to Cane’s for toast and chicken is our last outing for the day. So I’m back in bed, where I’ve been all day, icing and heating my back, chewing on ice, binging The Office. I had a nap earlier, but the two Flexeril I took before my nap are still making me a bit sleepy. I’m yelling about Angela’s baby, creepy Gabe, and wondering who the Scranton Strangler is while my doggo lies on the floor, waiting for her nemesis to appear.

I hope the nemesis stays where she is. I’m tired, and would like to sleep through the night. But that’s a joke. I get up and pee many times. I’m not well rested. Tomorrow is going to suck, for sure.

Bring it on.


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