About Me

I’ve been writing since the age of 6. My first story was a Halloween Murder Mystery. I started reading romance novels in junior high or high school, and started writing my very first novel my sophomore year. That story is in a lock box in my closet. It remains unfinished.

December 31, 1999, I finished my first novel JUST before I left work for the NYE bash I was heading to. I was so proud. I put it aside to get some clarity and go back in…and lost the manuscript.

For a while, I didn’t write anything but diary entries and horrific poetry. All while gaining the life experience I needed to finish my novel for a second time. I used the same title, but believe it or not, didn’t plan on the premise being so close to what I had originally written. I was re-inspired to pick up the pen again in 2006 when Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest came out. I got so caught up in the romance, the comedy, everything, that it made me want to read books about pirates. Then I decided to write one of my own. But not about pirates.
There was a story trying to get out of my head. I felt so much better once I’d gotten it out and fixed it up a little. I haven’t really touched it in more than a year, and took 2 or 3 years to write. This one story has spawned four others, so this is first in a series.
I’m not ready for a series, not ready to let go of this story yet, so I waited. I did some reading. And some books made me mad. I challenged myself to write a novel in 30 days, starting August 1, 2011, and here it is, the middle of July 2012, and I’ve finally got a final draft finished.

I’m going to self-publish this first one, Physical Therapy, because it is very different from what I usually write. Well, not VERY different, but perhaps “more innocent” is the phrase I should have used. It came from nothing, and it has become something to me.

I have a BFA in Theatre Arts(and a Communication Minor).
I am a retired Stage Manager, which means I went to ninja school for 8 years.
Writing was my first love, but the theatre nudged its big nose into my life when I was so young, when I was 5, so it only made sense for me to major in Theatre, even though I really wanted to teach English. Or Spanish. Or Drama. And write. Which I’m doing now that I’ve retired from stage managing.

I love television almost as much as I love sleep, which is a LOT.
I’ve been a soap fan since the age of 4, and even though the genre has dwindled, I’m still watching.
That includes both daytime and nighttime soaps. One Life to Live, Knots Landing. Drama! Romance! Catfights in fountains!
I loved LOST. (I hated the ending, but I still cried.)
I’m a Gleek. And I’m not sorry.
I am a Caskett Shipper. I love Castle, I love Nathan Fillion.
I love Grey’s Anatomy. Even though they killed [spoiler]
I love Fringe. And I have no idea why. Is it to hear what Walter’s going to call Astrid next? Pacey in a peacoat?
I have an intense love for Amy and Rory Pond and their relationship(and yes, even River)with Eleven. I also have an intense love for Donna and Ten. Whovians know what I’m talking about!
I’ve been Sherlocked.

A lot of music finds its way onto my Writing playlists. No Doubt, Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Britney Spears, Jason Mraz, and so many others.
I was inspired by Lady Gaga’s music to write the first draft of a regency romance that DOES involve pirates. (“”)(“”) Paws up, Little Monsters!


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