Book Country Member Spotlight Featuring…ME!

Book Country Member Spotlight Featuring…ME!

I had a little Q & A with Book Country Community and Engagement Manager, Lucy Silag. 

I’m a part of the Book Country Member Spotlight! 

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The End? Yeah, right.

I’m closer to the end…SORT OF.

I found out that I messed up somewhere and doubled a chapter, so instead of being at 42k or so, I actually ended up under 40k.

Yay. Oh. No, wait. NOT YAY.

But now, I’m at the point in the process where it’s all about fine tooth combing. By that, I mean looking at each and every sentence and scene one tiny bit at a time.

It’s taken me two weeks to deal with two chapters.


I’m also at the point where I ABSOLUTELY HATE this story and want to club my characters like baby seals.

But I love it, too. I can’t wait to get back on it.

Sort of. I’m taking it slow. It’s a little bit more difficult…but it’s a little easier.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense.

I at least have a better handle on things. It’s easier to flesh the story out a bit better, now that I know what’s going on. I just need to step back a tiny bit and not obsess and flip out.

So I’m going slowly. Taking larger breaks. Hopefully I’ll get this mess done before the end of the year. I’m not exactly sure if this one is something I can send to publishers, or if this is something I should take care of on my own. Bless Book Country for now having a self-publishing section on their site now. A hundred bucks will get me digitally published.

That is GREAT news. Except for the fact that I have ZERO bucks, LOL.
That being said, I DO have a Donation button on the blog here, so if anyone is interested in helping, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. But this time of year is crazy, so don’t worry too much about it!

This month wasn’t too terribly different from the rest of the months I’ve been working on this story. I just got a lot more done, I think. Oh, maybe not.

BUT BUT BUT I DID get a title out of this month, thanks to my buddy @RockStartist:

Cracks in the Sidewalk

Now. I just have to actually FINISH THIS NONSENSE so I can move on. Or go BACK and work on one of the four projects I abandoned for this one.

Wish me luck!

NaNoWriMo Day 10–El Fin: Captain’s Log/I’m Done, Bitches!

HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Ten days in and I’m DONE!!! HELL YEAH!!!

Yeah, right.

Five minutes ago, I finished Chapter 17. That was The End.

The End of draft 2.

So that means I should be getting some feedback on the story (hint, hint)so that I know what I need to be doing next.

So, Ch 17 ended up 8 pages, 2039 words. It had been 7 pages, 1930 words.

Grand total of words and pages so far:

160 pages, 42445 words.

Ok. I’ve never been accused of brevity, but I’m 7500 words shy of my goal. Is this ok? Do I need to go ahead and beef it up a little?

Yeah. Done, my ass.

NaNoWriMo Day 9–Nonsense: Captain’s Log

So I am currently working on the final chapter. I totally thought rewrites would take way more time. That must mean I’m missing something.

But I guess that’s what the third draft is for.

Everything so far has been posted on Book Country, if you are available for consultation.

The Run Down:

Ch 15 went from 5 pages to 9, from 1409 words to 2452.
Ch 16 was 7 pages, 1947 words, and is now 8 pages and 2045 words.

Chapter 17 is coming along quite well. I can already see where things need to be shifted a little.

I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything but this story lately. Losing sleep, starting to get sick, can’t work on anything other than this piece that I’ve been working on since August 1.

I must be doing something right.

NaNoWriMo Day 6–Daylight Savings Sunday: Captain’s Log

So did I tell you? I decided on Brandon.

You know, instead of Mark.

I needed a two-syllable name that didn’t really speak of any ethnicity of any kind. Brandon seemed like the right choice.

Ok, so I got Ch 7-10 taken care of. I’m not sure if I was thorough enough or not. There’s at least one more pass to go… I’ll find whatever I missed. Or whatever you folks on Book Country tell me I missed, lol.

I’m posting this story, chapter by chapter…There are a few chapters up, and more will occur soon.

So. the Run Down:
Ch 7 lost 33 words, but is a page longer than it was originally. It went from 8 to 9 pages, and from 2399 words to 2366.

Ch 8 went from 6 to 7 pages, 1461 words to 1637 words.
Ch 9 went from 9 to 6 pages. 2416 to 1469 words.
Ch 10 remained at 10 pages, dropped a few words 2688-2630.

And I’ve only got 6 chapters to go. There’s something wrong. I can’t be THIS close already. It’s only Nov. 6. Hmmmm.

NaNoWriMo Day 4–Easy Sailing: Captain’s Log

Ok, so Day 4 was easy peasy.

I finished my chapter 4 today last night, and started re-working the next chapter immediately.

It’s Friday, I have the weekend off, so I am taking it easy tonight. I’m still working on re-working the next chapter, so my hands are not idle.

This writing thing is a blessing. It keeps me from doing the dishes, the laundry, the moving of the random crap in the middle of the living room…But hopefully this story will be done soon.
Some of the WiPs that are screaming for attention.

So. Chapter 4 went from 7 pages to 12, from 2014 words to 3080, and I’ll be posting Ch 3 and 4 on Book Country tonight.

9 to 5

Don’t think I haven’t been working.

I’ve been working.

I’ve also been procrastinating.

Also, there is a lot of television on my mind.

And I can actually log some of my tv time as research. Of course, I didn’t know that certain aspects of different shows was going to inspire different pieces of this story.

Nothing huge was ripped off, just to be clear, but there were things that jumped out and screamed “LISTEN TO ME!” that I knew needed to be thought about as I continue to write.

Some folks say you can’t be inspired by television, that you just end up stealing bits from tv and calling it your own.

Here’s my perfect ambrosia salad of an early Fall-tv lineup:

M-F when I’m home I watch One Life to Live, General Hospital, and, until recently, All My Children (Boooo! Screw The Chew!)
Daytime soaps show me how to add a little drama and create some suspense.
I live for Monday nights during the regular tv season. I survive Mondays only because I know that Castle is on.
The relationship between Castle and Beckett is a good study in trust. Sometimes all it takes to inspire many pages is one look from either of them. There are very specific moments I keep in my vault.

Tuesday nights get quiet at the store sometimes, So I have Glee to while away an hour. Tell me you don’t have a soundtrack playing in your head at all times, and that occasionally you feel like doing a whole production number.

I know it’s not just me.

Sometimes the music they use are exactly what I need. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need to distract me from one WiP to think about and plan for another. Most of my WiPs are inspired heavily by music and involve some dancing (so, ok, I will catch Dancing with the Stars if I can, depending on the contestants, but I prefer So You Think You Can Dance).

Thursdays are all about Grey’s and Private Practice. Drama and interaction. That’s what those two hours are for. The interaction between Meredith and Cristina and Bailey and the Chief are outstanding. They are entertaining and they draw you in. I want to be able to do that.

Fridays are Fringe Fridays, but I really can’t claim research for this one. I have no idea what is going on in this show, but I love it.

I watch SNL for comic timing purposes. I do the opposite of what they do, and I’m good.
Saturdays are also for Doctor Who. There’s a wealth of interaction and plenty of drama and suspense and truth. And lots of timey wimey stuff. It’s helpful to know how to weave a convoluted web.


I watched Pan Am on Sunday. It’s too early to tell, but I don’t think it’ll be around for long.

So see? I can find an excellent excuse for watching all the tv that I do.

I’ve also been reading. Books I’ve had forever, some more recently written stuff that I REALLY need to review.

I’m keeping up with the Tuesday Tales and 750 words challenges, but I really think the 750 words isn’t going to be something I’ll do again for a while.

I think I mentioned it, but I’ve posted the first few chapters of this one on Book Country. I think it’s the first 5.

I’m nearing the end of month two of my so-called “One month” project. It looks like it’ll be more like three months.

To recap:
1st five chapters are on BC, and I have chapters 6-10, and the second half of 11. I’ve done the first half of chapters 12 and 13–I got stuck. Then I started bobbing and weaving and I was fine.

I had to bob and weave to the end of the whole shebang. With this one, I don’t know what’s going on in the middle until I know what is going on with the end. And that is surprisingly easy.

I also have chapters 14 & 15 done. I am waiting for inspiration to strike for chapter 16…we’re starting to wrap up here. But I’m trying to figure out where to add the tension, and create an obstacle, because the vomit that I am trying really hard to honor is really pretty boring. Or it will be until I get everything all stitched together so that I can create a timeline and an outline and edit the thing so that I can revise so that it doesn’t look like a grade schooler wrote it.

And take a deep breath.

It will also be time to get all the vital stats of the characters down on paper so that they’ll have the correct name, eye and hair color in the next version, etc.
I’m really starting to know who these people are, and how to interject some humor into the situation.

Humor I can do, no problem. But here I’m writing about something I’m not exactly familiar with and just kind of saying things, hoping they stick to the wall like spaghetti cooked to perfection.

Ok. Whatever. It’s very late. I’m very lucky I’m off work tomorrow. Plenty of time to clean up my draft. I’ve double pasted like crazy towards the end. Ooops.