Watch “The One Where Sam Rambles Incoherently for 9 Minutes” on YouTube

This is the beginning of my second week on Phentermine. I ramble on about stuff, and look horrible while doing so. 


Birthday Blog-o-rama Saturday: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Just kidding. Not going that far back. I don’t know what you did last summer. I don’t know what I did last summer, I can barely remember this week.

I had a good week. Aside from the heat and one moment out of this week, it’s been very good. I’m upbeat, content, pleased. Some might even say “happy” in some moments.

On Tuesday, one of my Minions brought me carrot cake.

It was good. I had three slices. There’s more in the fridge and I am TEMPTED.

My friend David (you know, the fantastic gift giver I complained about earlier in the week?) showed up at work that afternoon.

With THIS:

He is SUCH an asshole.

I got to visit with him for a little while before he had to go back to work.

I went home that night, took a shower, and got into bed about 8pm to watch a repeat of Supernatural with a glass of THIS:

Pisa Liqueur. It’s amaretto on steroids. It’s pistachios, hazelnuts, and almonds. It smells HEAVENLY and tastes just as good. Working at a wine shop you’d think I’d do a lot more drinking than I do, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost the taste for binge drinking. Well, alcohol has never been my favorite mood-altering drug, and now it literally hurts to drink, but a little glass of this was ok for me. It was so so so tasty on it’s own with ice and it dressed up some Coke just fine, too. Consider this a commercial for this liqueur.

On Wednesday, my day off, I got up early and decided to go grab a fancy cupcake. Well, I drove further than I’d planned, just for fun. I got “lost” off the roads behind the Speedway and then came back to go to a grocery store.

I am so much fun.

By then, it was bone-meltingly hot. I wanted to grab a burger and some chili fries from the A&W and head home. I told the lady it was my once a year meal for my b-day and she gave me a free root beer float on the downlow and a hug. Thanks, Yolanda!

After getting more sugar, I headed home for a cool shower and an evening of dance on my tv.

Thursday was back to work, but after (and I’m writing this on Thursday whilst at work, trying to get posts ready up through Monday b/c there will be no internet connection at home) there is a three day weekend happening.

Empath and introvert that I am, this weekend is being/will be spent on my lonesome in the cool darkness of my climate controlled cave recharging my batteries and relaxing and reorganizing and writing and editing and just having my own brand of fun. Hopefully Monday will see an invigorated me!