In the Spirit of #GivingTuesday

Did you know that Basenji dogs have genetic disorders that affect the kidneys and digestive system?

I do. Now.

My Nugget is a Basenji/Red Heeler mix. She is almost 2 years old, and she has digestive issues. And I just found out this morning that her bloodwork shows that her kidney function isn’t what it’s supposed to be, and that she will *most likely* develop Fanconi Syndrome, which can’t be cured, but dogs can live with it, if caught early and the correct protocols in place.

Right now, she’s off at doggy day care, playing her heart out. When she isn’t feeling well, you can tell, by the not eating, by the weight loss, but oh my god, this puppy is such a happy and friendly being, who puts a smile on the face of EVERYONE she comes in contact with.

It’s up to me (and the vets) to worry about this. And worry I will. I’m already having a time of it due to holiday stress, my meds not being right, my gut doing its thing, and oh, my needing to move to a new place ASAP, but right now, I can’t think about anything past this.

But the plan, for now, is to get her on a special diet for about a month, and re-check her blood to see where we go from there. “There” will be an internist in OKC. I’ll need $$ for the consultation, and $$$$ for the ultrasound they are going to do, to make sure other bad stuff isn’t happening.

I’m keeping *everything* crossed that the new diet will help quite a bit, but you know me, I don’t really do the whole “positive faith” thing. I’m more of a realist.


If you’re still here, still reading this, and you are the praying type, Nugget can use your prayers. Prayers, good vibes, healing white light, anything you’ve got. Maybe, if enough people can believe in the positive, it will outweigh the negative in me.

And also, since it’s Giving Tuesday¬†, I’m hoping that you can help Nugget and myself out. There’s a lot more going on right now than I’m telling, but that takes a backseat to the health of my loyal companion. So while I’m trying to put out fires over that way, I’m asking for assistance to help with this new situation.

Firstly, if you’re the praying type, please do so. I find it hard to find faith in the Universe when it keeps kicking me.

If you are a healer, please send healing light to my Nug. She really is the best pup ever and deserves a full and fun life.

If you are neither, good vibes will help.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to participate in Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to the YouCaring fundraiser I’ve started to help with her vet bills. She’s going to need a very expensive ultrasound, not to mention the consultation, monthly blood work, etc, at least, initially.

I’m not going to ask for anyone I know to throw down $100 when I know most of them/you are in the same general boat as I am. But if you have $2 to throw in, $5, that would get us closer than where we are now.

To donate to Nugget’s fundraiser, go HERE. And if YOU can’t donate, perhaps pass this on to others who can.

Thank you.



Under Construction. Again.

So here’s the thing.

I’ve got this job that takes up all of my time. I’ve got this puppy who takes up what is left. I love my job, and I love my puppy even more…But I’m exhausted. And depressed. And broke.

Let’s go back a bit.

We all know about the job, we all know about the pup–look at her. Isn’t she cute?


Isn't she cute in her little sweater?

Isn’t she cute in her little sweater?


Anyway, all of my time and energy is spent making my pup happy, and also making my customers, employees, and boss happy. So there’s very little left over to make ME happy (which I am, but that’s a story for a different day).

It’s very simple to make me happy. Let me sleep, feed me, let me watch tv, and let me create.

Therein lies the problem. The pup doesn’t let me sleep in, but she will take naps with me and watch my stories with me. I have people feeding me left and right. But I don’t have any time or energy to CREATE.

I have a fanfic I started writing with a friend in late 2014 that has been on hiatus since, and tons of ideas trying to get out. And that’s in addition to the stories I’ve already got on paper waiting for the red pen of doom.

“But Sam, you could always wake up early to write.”

Why, yes, I could. But then I would have a nervous breakdown by lunch. The pup wakes me up by 7:30 every morning. The next hour and a half is dedicated to her before I go to work. The first hour and a half after work is hers, also.

“But Saa-aam, you could always stay up late to write.”

Once again, yes, I could. But after I get home, walk me and the dog several times, make and eat dinner, clean up that mess, and bathe, I’m usually too exhausted to do anything but lie on the bed and stare mindlessly at the tv.

I TRY to do things at work in between tasks, but these days, that bit of time is spent trying to make extra money.

Long story short, I hit a/n opossum on Halloween, and I had a stretch of bad luck that didn’t end until January of this year. The biggest thing that happened is that my car DIED, like DIED, the day before Thanksgiving, as I was on my way to work, in the middle of traffic.


Being as I work in retail, and that is the most hellacious time of year for those of us in that line of work, I had no time or energy to spare on finding a new ride. So in addition to relying upon co-workers and the city bus that didn’t get me close to work, I had to use Uber and Yellow Cab, which cost a pretty penny.

And since my apartment got flooded by my next door neighbor’s toilet (I TOLD you I had a run of bad luck), and they refuse to replace the carpet without me writing a manifesto on why I think they should, I’m looking for a place to live.

So I need money. And since I’m too exhausted to take on another actual job, I’ve started doing the survey thing. And the sweepstakes thing. And the picking up pennies out of puddles thing. I’m about to start the Extreme Couponing thing…

Anyway, I’m going to stop feeling guilty for not blogging, for not writing, for not editing, and maybe, just maybe the stress and depression levels will pull back a touch, and allow a little bit of creation.

Like right now, I’m supposed to be working on store invoices, but I thought I needed to get some words out and on a blank sheet NOW or they would never happen.

And now we get to the actual purpose of this particular entry.

Since I’m doing all this stuff to earn extra money, why not share some of the knowledge I’m gaining? It’s like my store’s motto: We drink the bad stuff so you don’t have to. I’ll be the one to go through all of these many companies that pay for this or that and let you know if it’s worth doing. Or if a particular product is worth trying. (Dude, samples.)

While I’m exhausted and out of time, I’m having a wee bit of fun with this. And it’s the perfect thing to try to focus this blog on [now]. (Yet another blog post for another day.)

I’m not going to promise specific posts on specific days, because although deadlines are usually my friends, I will lose my mind if I try to promise too much. So I’ll say this: I have things to tell you about, and I will tell you all about them in due time.

I’m trying new things. That’s why this Beautiful Disaster is Under Construction.


Well, Well, Well. Look At What The Cat Dragged In

Or, dog, in this case.

This is Nugget. She's the devil in disguise.

This is Nugget. She’s the devil in disguise.

Yes, dear readers, instead of blogging, instead of writing, but in addition to working my ass off, I got a dog.

Actually, I got a puppy.

my baby

Her name is Nugget. She is an Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) mixed with an Her foster dad named her that because she looks like she has chicken nuggets on her back.

Her full name? Chicken Nugget Face.

I don’t know why, but I call her “Nugget Face.”

Actually, I DO know why.


She's a nugget.

She’s a nugget.

There was no way I couldn’t take her home.

Here’s the story:

A couple of my customers had just decided to start fostering dogs. Their first mission was to take care of three puppies, two sisters and a brother. Nugget, Buttons, and Sammy (short for “Sammich”).

baby nug

One of my Minions rescues Basset Hounds, so of course she’s extremely interested in animals of any kind. Well, they brought the pups into the store, all three still small enough to fit in a laundry basket, and it was all over.

Nugget was the one who caught my eye; she looked like a combination of two puppies I’d sort of fostered in 2001. Puppies I’d loved and couldn’t bear to part with–but I had to. But instead of going directly to her, I played with her sister, Buttons, who had some pretty coloring.

Me and Buttons

Me and Buttons

Sammy was adorable, too, but I kept looking at Nugget. The pups made a few visits to the store. They were growing so fast and just ridiculously cute. But every time I thought about not ever seeing Nugget again, I got so upset and emotional. Finally, I asked foster mom what it would take for Nugget to belong to me.

Even after being certain…ish, I was still waffling. I can barely take care of myself; fish and plants die under my care. But I was lonely, painfully lonely, and I’d been wanting a dog (read here: DOG) who would cuddle with me. I had never thought about getting a puppy.

I texted FM that I just couldn’t do it, that I couldn’t be so selfish as to make a pup conform to my lifestyle. I work kind of long hours. I don’t like going outside. She’d be better off with a family with kids.

And then the day after, I texted her again and told her I changed my mind.


And yes, I DO have some regrets: My skin is no longer flawless. I no longer have a couch. My time is no longer my own. I have no privacy in the bathroom. I’m not qualified to be a dog mom.

But have you SEEN her?


She’s MY dog, through and through. Fate brought her to me. I couldn’t close the door on her.

And you know what? The foster parents ended up adopting Sammy and foster mom’s mom got Buttons. #FosterFail